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Birds Of A Feather

"Hechicero" meaning "Sorcerer" in Spanish, began as an interlude idea.

Inspired by an intense & invigorating feeling of attraction, Isadora sings out "Hechicero" as a hauntingly beautiful mantra of sorts. 

After sharing her original piece with her friends at

Birds Of A Feather Studio, she & the creative duo 

decided to get together to collaborate.

"Hechicero" soon evolved into a captivating video project with a karaoke style aesthetic. Isadora's words, at first spoken in a soft whisper, describe her emotions of being swept away & brought to

new heights by an alluring new love. 

Directed by Carmen Daneshmandi & styled by Kirby Calvin, this magical project is not to be missed. 

Watch and listen below as stirring vocals & enthralling visuals take you on an enchanting journey.

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